Eliminate uncertainties about the health of your clients’ businesses. In a heartbeat.

With Financial reporting you achieve improved buoyancy for your company in one go. In a heart beat. The digital heart of your accounting firm.

Always up-to-date insight

With Financial reporting you eliminate any uncertainty about the health of your clients’ businesses.

How satisfying it is when your clients can always have insight into their companies’ financial health. With a variety of reports, both you and your clients gain direct insight into the most important financial data. Clients can easily make decisions about their day-to-day business activities, like choosing to invest or to hire someone. Financial reporting offers a handy summary of the financial administration in a clear dashboard, leaving both you and your clients with far less uncertainty!

Financially sound? In a heartbeat!

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    Your clients know exactly when they can invest and how much
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    Clients see management reports in real time and online
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    Reports are linked to the (online) bookkeeping
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    The most important information is summarised in a handy overview
You don’t have to inflate the water-wings.

You don’t have to inflate the water-wings.

You’re no longer all at sea when it comes to the financial figures. Your clients no longer have to wait for the annual accounts or income tax to assess the financial health of their companies. Log in at breakfast and check the current status, have a new applicant sign a contract at lunch. Financial reporting supports the digital heart of your accounting office as well as you customers organisation. In a heartbeat.

The integrated solution

Progress monitoring and reporting

Clear dashboard with the most important data

Communication module

Excel import for your accounting software

Advanced export functionalities

Reports for Balance sheets, Profit&Loss and Liquidity

Links with own file applications

Automated Twinfield, Exact and Quickbooks import

Smart interaction between questions

Easy mappingtool for reporting


“Financial reporting not only ensures that you as an accountant have a better overview of the financial situation of your clients. The client also always has real-time insight into the health of his or her company!”

Marcel Andrea

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