The complete and integrated digital heart of your accounting firm.

The digital heart of your accounting firm

Work together with your clients in a way you have never seen before. Connect your accounting software with the ctrl platform and improve your capabilities to help clients. With ctrl as the digital heart of your accounting firm, everything is organized centrally. Curious to find out how?! Register for our weekly online demo!

The platform functionalities

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Request your client data easy and safe with PBCL (Prepared by Client List). PBCL enables you to request your client data structured and safe. The standard questionnaires and alerts make sure your data collection process is complete, on time and in secured environment. PBLC is also available as a separate application.

yearplan functionality


Effective planning and making clear agreements is essential for delivering high-quality services to your clients. Yearplan encourages proactive planning and collaboration, so that you as an accountant are better able to respond to the needs of the client! Yearplan is also available as a separate application, but you will get the best experience with our complete platform.


SBR Assurance

Annual accounts on paper will be a thing of the past. On our ctrl platform, we launched a hands-on and integrated stepwise plan for implementing the SBR Assurance procedure in a smooth manner. This includes uploading, validating, drawing up the financial statements in the SBR format and even approving with an electronic signature (without hardware token!). Yearplan is also available as a separate application, but you will get the best experience with our complete platform.

financial reports functionality

Financial reports

Realtime online management reports and as a result always insight into the financials of your client. Essential for you as an accoutant to adequately respond to your clients need. Available as part of our platform, but also as a seperate functionality.

docflow functionality


Docflow is the tool for digitizing your document workflows! With ctrl Docflow you can safely share documents with clients and digitally sign your files in a very easy way, regardless of the type of document (for example XBRL, Tax returns, or sending a simple engagement letter). Available as part of our platform, but also as a seperate functionality

Ctrl. In a heartbeat.

Employees, partners and clients work together in a super effective and safe way!


Online collaboration

Unique online collaboration with your clients. Easy planning process, and always up to date!

Smart alerts

Smart connections

Digital communication with banks and authorities (i.e. Chamber of Commerce)



Modern and safe way to exchange data with clients and colleagues.


Data insights

Offer your clients real-time online management reports with our smart connections.



Easy access to the ctrl functionalities, such as tasks, alerts and financial figures.

Efficient processes

Efficient processes

Smart functionalities that help you structure your documents flows and data collection process.

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Ctrl, in a heartbeat.

  • Implement a digital heart that is future-proof and resilient
  • Find out how you can work together efficiently with one innovative platform
  • No more loose documents and information
  • Effective collaboration with your clients
  • Easy work processes for you and your clients

The digital heart in the middle of smart connections and important cloud solutions.

The one and only 100% integrated platform

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