Searching through piles of paper for the right documents?

With Docflow you can send documents very easily and securely. The digital heart of your accounting firm. In a heartbeat.

Documents always together

With DocFlow not only can you share documents simply and securely, but you can also sign them digitally.

As an accounting or administrative firm, these days the question is no longer whether you should digitise, but rather how and when. Everything that can be automated is automated. Ctrl offers a unique solution that helps accounting firms to digitise all document flows with clients, the government, the Chamber of Commerce and banks. All important documents in Docflow are arranged clearly in one place for both the accountant and your clients.

All client details in one comprehensive overview? In a heartbeat.

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    Sign your documents digitally
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    Upload your files in XBRL format with SBR
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    Connections with Chamber of Commerce, Tax Authorities and Banks.
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    Monitor all deadlines and generate alerts automatically
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    For every type of document a workflow; standardized or personalized
The ring binders can stay on the shelf

The ring binders can stay on the shelf

DocFlow monitors all deadlines and automatically generates alerts so that as an accountant, you can act proactively. Your clients will automatically receive a message when a document is ready for them in the ctrl platform. DocFlow not only ensures that documents can be shared much easier and faster with clients and third parties, but it’s also much safer (GDPR-proof) than sending documents via e-mail, for example. Working in a fully digital and secure environment for all your documents: your ring binders stay closed forever.

Four advantages

Progress monitoring and reporting

DocFlow is intuitive and sharing documents has never been easier. Moreover, you can quickly and easily approve documents and sign them digitally (e.g. via Digidentity).

Communication module

Thanks to the integrated links with the Chamber of Commerce and banks, among others, you save lots of time and money compared to postal returns.

Advanced export functionalities

All documents are in one convenient location. The dashboard also offers extensive overviews of all documents (open, rejected, completed etc.).

Links with own file applications

All documents are sent via the ctrl platform. That makes it much safer than sending documents by e-mail.

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