SBR Assurance: why so much fuss?

SBR Assurance has been a hot topic in the world of Accountancy in recent months. Why actually so much fuss? With ctrl nothing much has changed: SBR Assurance means just carrying on delivering SBR documents to the receiving parties via our platform.

The government has introduced SBR Assurance for medium-sized companies with effect from 1 January 2018. SBR Assurance is now the mandatory method for digitally signing and delivering accountant statements. The goal: to produce reports in a more efficient and reliable manner with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden. But is that also the case for accountants? Because in addition to purchasing the professional certificates, you also need additional software and hardware for hashing, merging, signing and delivering SBR Assurance statements. There are many solutions on the market for this, but we at ctrl think our solution is significantly different from the rest 😉

Ctrl offers a fully integrated solution for SBR Assurance. As just part of your ctrl platform subscription in which you also work with your clients for all your other services. In addition to an SBR Assurance solution, you do not have to buy another portal supplier or, in addition to your existing portal solution, look for an SBR Assurance solution. With ctrl you have everything in one. You also do not have to carry out nasty hardware tokens to sign statements. That is no longer of this time. With ctrl you can use your smartphone for signing. You always have your phone with you, right? SBR Assurance is naturally included in your ctrl platform subscription and is no different from the other SBR streams within our platform.

This makes us the only portal platform that completely simplifies everything regarding SBR Assurance. One platform supplier with one contemporary solution. The conclusion? Nothing has changed at all with ctrl, because we have been offering fully integrated solutions for SBR since 2009.

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