PBCL – We can’t make it more fun, but we can make it easier

Requesting data from all your clients is a big challenge every year. It is unnecessarily time-consuming and the costs can run up to thousands of euros in working hours, which may result in inconvenient conversations with your client. And we have not even mentioned the subject of inadequate security. You can make this client data delivery process much easier with ctrl PBCL.

PBCL is an acronym for Prepared By Client List, which implicates it is a list drawn up by customers. However, this list is, of course, prepared by accountants, tax advisers and/or financial service providers at that time they have to prepare the financial statements and/or tax returns. You too prepare these questionnaires every year for requesting data and documents from your clients. You do this in your own way and specifically for your own clients, just as your colleagues do this in their own way and specifically for their clients.

These various approaches create a mess

Requesting client data usually takes place in many different ways. Some accountants use a nice Excel checklist and others send the requested data by email. There are also colleagues who use USB memory sticks, Dropbox, WeTransfer or various types of free or paid Cloud drives. Nothing wrong with that, you might think, since it is part of your service provision. But nothing could be further from the truth. Due to the many ways of providing data, every year lots of hours are unconsciously spent on preparing and sending these specific questionnaires. And what do you think about the hours that are unconsciously wasted as a result of incomplete or fragmented delivery of data by the client? You often discover this once you start preparing the financial statement or tax return and then there is no question of it being an efficient work process.

More costs as a result

This unstructured delivery process means that you have to move the planning around and again, this might result in a waste of time. Depending on the size of your client portfolio, this can quickly amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of euros in lost hours. If you have to charge your clients extra for those hours, this will often result in some unpleasant discussions.

Unsafe data exchange

The financial side of inefficient data requesting is bad enough, but there is also the risk of unsafe data exchange. Sending data by email is not the wisest choice and you will not be the first who have lost a USB memory stick. Moreover, have you ever asked yourself how security and data privacy is organised when using solutions such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or other free or paid drives? Unsafe data exchange is a very topical issue!

This is the reason why ctrl already automated the PBCL idea in 2010. Over the years, we have innovated PBCL into a true time saver with advanced added value. Requesting data using the PBCL application is not necessarily more fun, but it is a lot easier. PBCL is, of course, part of the ctrl platform, but if you already have another client portal then you can also use the PBCL application in combination with your own portal or even as a stand-alone Cloud app!



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